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Goodnight Phuket Villa

Welcome to "Goodnight Phuket Villa", your private 4-bedroom villa with a swimming pool, fully equipped with facilities including kitchen, dining area and a living space. Our villas will make your time with family and friends a perfect moment to remember. If you are looking for a tranquil place that is well blended in the nature and the local Phuket lifestyle, we are that perfect choice you should not miss.

別墅設計簡介: 花園 以愜意的生活而設計,沒有華麗的外表,卻有一個舒適的恬靜生活,鬧中取靜的地理位子正符合時尚玩家色彩。 別墅設有接待大廳、早餐廳、花園休憩區,附近亦有便利商店及普吉知名海鮮餐廳提供遊客午餐及晚餐的服務或送至別墅內享用。 一棟別墅有2套小廚房、客餐廳,四房共用一座獨立泳池,適合家庭、好朋友相聚,也適合團體旅遊(房間大小相同),可以結交新朋友而設計。 7棟別墅共擁有28間客房,整體別墅呈現著溫馨舒適且與眾不同的空間設計。

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Goodnight Phuket Villa is located in the South-East of Phuket.
Among the Mangroove Forest area and Local Fisherman Village call "Klong-Mu-Dong" or "Bor-Rae".

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